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Welcome, to a personal audio journey of me exposing this tyrannical corporate government…

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10-21-10 – Part 1: Clint on The Rabbit Hole with Edward Mock, Salt Lake City (corporation) area – (1 hour – 1of2)

10-21-10 – Part 2: Clint on The Rabbit Hole with Edward Mock, Salt Lake City (corporation) area – (1 hour – 2of2)

10-25-10 – Clint on the Dale Williams show, AM630, Salt Lake City (corporation) area – (1 hour)

12-02-10 – Clint on Talkshoe with Angela at MyPrivateRadio – (2 hours)

12-15-10 – Part 1: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 1of4)

12-15-10 – Part 2: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 2of4)

12-21-10 – Part 1: Clint on Morning Liberty show with RJ Hender from Liberty Broadcasting, Utah (corporation) area – (1hour – 1of2)

12-21-10 – Part 2: Clint on Morning Liberty show with RJ Hender from Liberty Broadcasting, Utah (corporation) area – (1hour – 2of2)

01-22-11 – Clint on Gnostic Media with Jan Irvin, Southern California (unincorporated) area – (2 hours)

01-31-11 – Part 1: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 1of2)

01-31-11 – Part 2: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 2of2)

02-11-11 – Part 1: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 1of2)

02-11-11 – Part 2: Clint on Spingola Speaks, Republic Broadcasting, Texas (corporation) area – (1 hour – 2of2)

05-02-11 – Dale Williams, Clint Richardson, Walter J. Burien, and former NJ state senator Dick Larossa talking about CAFR’s on local Am630 radio in the Salt Lake City Corporation area

05-13-11 – Dale Williams, Clint Richardson, Ingri Cassell, Cindi Steele, and Charlie Fuller on K-Talk AM630 Salt Lake City Corporation area… Find out the latest in the Edgar J Steele case directly from his wife and Ingri, as well as Charlie, who attended the farse of a kangaroo court that sentenced Edgar.

More old archives to come…

  1. Tosco Weber says:

    “So government has control of everything that happens within the Fortune 500 stock of corporations, because it votes on all of these proxy issues that come up with the board of directors. So scratching a friend’s back is an understatement. This is complete ownership of the corporate structure of America – thus ‘The Corporation Nation’. […]
    What’s happened with government and with the corporate work force is that we have lost something called ethics. We’ve lost morals and we’ve lost values – especially when it comes to business. In fact, I would argue that you cannot get ahead in government or in any type of corporate structure without lying, and cheating, and stealing your way to the top.”

    A ten-minute transcript of the January 22th interview 2011 on Gnostic Media:

  2. Tosco Weber says:

    Clint Richardson on The Rabbit Hole with Edward Mock on October 21, 2010 (part 2 @ 44 min or so):

    “Back to the Blackwater thing: Of course, by government proxy the main shareholders voted – in other words, government voted – that Monsanto should aquire Blackwater in the future, probably because they’re mercenaries. You know, this farmer is planting seeds that are natural and they also have Monsanto seeds, so we must go in and we must destroy him. Because if word gets out that genetically modified seeds are bad and foods are bad, and this farmer over here is selling natural products – no, we gotta do something about this. Everything boils down to this. Why are things that aren’t food being sold as food? Why are humans the only animals stupid enough to eat a McDonald’s Hamburger bun because it’s not food, it’s not qualified as food.
    You know, Kentucky Fried Chicken had to stop calling their chicken ‘chicken’ because of the way they process their chickens. They cheer them up with so many drugs that it’s no longer considered chicken, ’cause more than fifty percent of it are these hormons and fatty tissues that shouldn’t be even there even in the first place. So all of the sudden ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ becomes ‘KFC’. But who is regulating this? The government! So the conflict of interest factor in this all is so astounding you can’t even begin to imagine.

    So the regulators of Monsanto are government. And then you have Obama hiring Monsanto’s main auditor to the FDA, an then he quits the FDA after, you know, he writes a bill at Monsanto, joins the FDA, passes his own bill, and then gets rehired with a lot more money at Monsanto. Governments are the corporations, corporations are the government – there is no fine line here anymore to speak of, because the regulatory body of the corporations is the same people who own through stock investment the corporations.
    So nothing is gonna surprise me anymore. Of course Monsanto is gonna buy a private army: they have to enforce all this crazy stuff. Of course the Supreme Court as a government body, as a private corporate body is going to say that companies like Monsanto can patent life, can patent breast cancer. Monsanto has the patent on breast cancer! No one can do research on breast cancer without Monsanto’s permission.”

    read more:

  3. Tosco Weber says:

    “For years now, when you hear that we owe China money – that’s not the case. I mean, basically, this country is so wealthy beyond measure that you can’t even comprehend it. Just in pension funds alone across this country you have 26 trillion dollars. Just in pension funds, okay?”
    “There’s no such thing as ethics anymore in business.”
    “Anybody who thinks George Bush is dumb […] He was one of the best orators you’ll ever seen.”
    “The major problem is transparency.”
    “You’ve got the evidence of crime right in front on your face, you know where the money is because of the CAFR. Let’s not focus on who is pulling the strings, let’s focus on taking it back.”
    “What it really is, and this is so important to understand, is what’s become of our society and what’s become of our work force and our sense of integrity. And work ethic has been replaced by greed, corruption, usury.”
    “What we’re talking about here is not a bunch of rich fat cats, we’re talking about a whole group of people who see opportunity. Because it’s easy money.”
    “People don’t even think about the jobs they are doing anymore, they just do it. They don’t think ‘oh, this is really corrupt, I shouldn’t be doing this.’ No one has the crisis of conscience.”
    “Transparency is the absolute solution.”
    “Think of government as a very very well-orchestrated entertaining play, where we sit in front of our TVs and we watch these guys battle it out. […] It’s all a charade. […] It’s all fake.”
    “Just remember, it’s not about the money as much as it is about ownership, okay? Ownership is the key.”

    That was one of the deepest and completest radio interviews I’ve ever heard, Clint, at all. Thanks man for …
    My proposal of what could be done about the situation “right now” would be to combine Walter Burien’s idea of a transparency bank as the core element and foundation of a new kind of democratic synchronicity network of real mediators instead of opinion-makers, as it has been initiated by Jon Stewart over six years ago …
    I have transcribed some of your statements from this podcast for further usage – available for sharing here:

  4. Tosco Weber says:

    I disagree, sir. I mean, look at those clowns:

    a) The “Elizabeth Warren Spray
    b) Longest serving independent member of Congress in American history, Bernie Sanders: “The Citizens United decision is a total disaster. It will mean that billionaires and corporations will be able to pour huge amounts of money into radio and television ads with no disclosure at all, complete secrecy. It is giving these people just a huge amount of power over the political process. The idea that anyone in their right minds would say that a corporation is a person entitled to first amendment rights is literally beyond comprehension.”
    c) “Out-of-control genius – and yet when they leave Goldman, to run the Fed or the government, suddenly they’re not so smart.” “They wrote the rules in 1913 [… and] Goldman Sachs’ tentacles are still everywhere …”

    None of them is really a help, including Jon-Boy, but you are. Just imagine you as the third party at that table …
    You are doing great, Clint, there is no question about it. At least for me. So, when do you will release the second wave of interviews on The Corporation Nation issue? And please check your “Tragedy & Hope” profile on occasion, I’ve replied to your message on April 4th.